Week 80: What would be useful to YOU?

We have given you 80 weeks of useful ideas, processes, and tips that you can (hopefully) incorporate into your evaluation practices, use to understand evaluation better, apply to pick a more qualified and appropriate evaluator, and improve the utility of the work you do! We have gotten some feedback from you identifying which blog posts were particularly applicable, asking further questions about specific ideas, and letting us know when we hit your funny bone. As all good evaluators should, we would like to ask our key stakeholders for more input into what we’re doing. Please look at the following questions and either write a comment on this blog post or email me (wendy@ieval.net) with your suggestions:

  1. Is there a specific idea you learned about in one of our previous posts that you’d like us to expand on in a future post?
  2. What stumbling blocks have you hit in your evaluation work that you’d like us to think about then share our thoughts on how to overcome and turn it into something more useful to your evaluation design?
  3. What question(s) about designing an evaluation with use in mind, engaging stakeholders to improve use, writing reports that are user-friendly, sharing evaluation findings in an easily digestible manner that will result in the practical application of those findings, etc. do you have that we might be able to shed some light on?
  4. Look at our web site (www.ieval.net), is there anything there you’d like us to expand upon?
  5. Have you read a specific article, blog post (not ours – someone else’s), evaluation report, etc. that generated some questions about utility that you’d like us to comment on?

DR. TACKETT’S USEFUL TIP: Practice what you preach. We encourage other evaluators to rely on stakeholders to know if the evaluation is useful, we try to engage stakeholders in different ways to encourage understanding and application of the evaluation process, and we need to apply that same idea to our blog! We NEED your input!