Kimberly Leavell

When it comes to evaluation, the team at iEval is a CHAMPION! At one point I thought their passion for evaluation is what made their services so invaluable; now after years of working with them as they passionately conduct the analysis on our program, provide our team with the evaluation related technical assistance we need, then eagerly assist us in utilizing the data collection towards program design and quality improvement, I’ve come to realize...the iEval team IS passionate about and skilled in evaluation, but the joy they bring to others while doing it, their bubbly personalities and contagious smiles, their caring patience and innate ability to get others enthused about data, is undeniably their GIFT!

~21st Century Community Learning Centers Director, Muskegon Public Schools

Cheryl Blair

iEval is an outstanding organization that makes evaluation both meaningful and understandable.  In working with iEval, these are four things I have found to be extremely valuable:

1.    Excellent leadership and guidance with evaluation strategies and processes for effective evaluation data collection for our grant project

2.    Quick to respond to any questions required grant information requests as well as engage in problem solving within context of evaluation needs of our grant project

3.    Provides easy to understand graphics and charts for data 

4.    Fun, personable, and always goes the ‘extra mile’ 

~Health Education Consultant and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project Director, Kent Intermediate School District

Dave Campbell

Here are three things we appreciate about iEval:

  1. Insightful – Takes the time to understand the complexities of our work in order to fully grasp what metrics we can collect and use for continuous improvement.

  2. Personable – Makes the process of continuous improvement fun. Data doesn’t have to be boring!

  3. Available – Always there for a question, responds quickly, makes us feel like we are the most important project they are working on at the time.

~Superintendent, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

Amy Wassmann

I have had the pleasure of working with iEval for several years under multiple projects. Their thoughtfulness to detail, inquisitive questions and deep understanding of evaluation has not only given us a clearer outlook of the impact our programming has, but their insight has led us to ask just the right questions to really garner whether our programs have long term impact on those we serve. iEval’s reports are easy to read and are tailored to the audience receiving them. When we have questions, the iEval team is easy to reach and is always willing to help us highlight our program's successes the best way we can.

~Whole Child Programs Director, Saginaw Intermediate School District

Brenda Pickett

iEval offers a comprehensive evaluation package that includes quantitative data, which is the typical way to evaluate meetings and programs.  iEval is the only evaluation company that also engages in meeting qualitative data feedback in areas such as points of tension, successes and unanswered questions, etc.  As the meeting facilitator we often miss those unspoken, yet critical, cues that iEval picks up.  This valuable information SO helps the work that we do!

~Director of the Kalamazoo Area College Access Network and College & Career Readiness Action Network

Cindy Ruble

iEval is working with two educational projects in the Battle Creek area - Legacy Scholars and the Early Childhood Connection's project. iEval staff has worked in partnership with these projects to establish a clear and researched evaluation plan that is data driven and based on research and best practice. iEval staff works collaboratively with each project team, asking tough questions, based on the data and challenging each project to strategically work in support of their vision and action plan.

~Director of the Educator's Task Force, retired superintendent of Lakeview Schools

Diane Golzynski, Ph.D., R.D.

I have been impressed with Wendy's thoroughness, understanding of the big picture, and dedication to meeting project timelines. Wendy has been incredibly flexible with re-working plans and open to comments and suggestions. Her reports are thorough and a comprehensive account of what happened during the project period. I'm impressed with her dedication to her work, her desire to make evaluation useful, and her flexibility.

~Nutrition Consultant, Michigan Department of Community Health

Mary Bouck

Over the course of my 30+ years in education I have had the opportunity to work with many people. I find Wendy to be one of the brightest and best that I have worked with. She has strong knowledge of evaluation and statistics; always meets every deadline with reports that are accurate, complete, and useful; and is a pleasure to work with. She is my first choice when I look for a project evaluator.

~Retired School Superintendent & PROM/SE Project Director, Michigan State University

Valerie Mills

Dr. Tackett's knowledgeable and collaborative approach to our Mathematics Science Partnership evaluation has given us data to both inform our work with schools during the project and fully meet the complex requirements of the federal and state funding agencies.  Wendy has been a hands-on, high-energy partner throughout the project and I won't do another major project without putting her on the team!

~Mathematics Consultant and MSP Director, Oakland Schools

Sheryl Presler

We were looking for an evaluator who worked with the goals we set and developed evaluation tools around those goals.  Wendy does just that; she didn't have specific tools she made us use, instead she worked with us to develop tools based on our grant goals.  The reports she prepares are easy-to-read and full of the information we need to make sound programmatic decisions.  We look forward to Wendy's visits.  She is down-to-earth and has the best interests of the students in mind.  Wendy can tackle tough issues by asking the right questions at the right times.

~Superintendent, Clare-Gladwin Regional Education Services District

James R. Sanders

Wendy Tackett has a passion for evaluation. She is well read when it comes to the professional literature in the evaluation field. She approaches her evaluation assignments with energy. She attends to the standards of the evaluation profession. Together with her excellent communication skills, these attributes add up to excellence in the practice of evaluation.

~Professor Emeritus of Educational Studies, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University

Dawn Smith

Wendy made evaluation an easy concept to understand and worked with our small organization in integrating evaluation into all of our programs. Because of her assistance, we are able use evaluation results in applying and receiving several federal grants. Our organization became more efficient and productive under her guidance.

~Executive Director, Substance Abuse Council

Joel J. Orosz, Ph.D.

Some evaluators, to quote Oscar Wilde, "know the price of everything and the value of nothing."  Not so Wendy Tackett, who deftly couples a strong command of evaluation techniques with an insightful recognition that evaluation findings need to be useful.  Wendy's approach is client-centered, candid, and clear.  It is a pleasure to learn important lessons with her as a partner.

~Distinguished Professor of Philanthropic Studies, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Grand Valley State University