iEval is here to work with you to create a friendly evaluation environment, making evaluation meaningful and useful to you and your organization. Evaluation should be a part of every program and every service you provide, whether the evaluation is conducted internally by your own staff members or externally by a trained evaluator. 







iEval works to

ensure evaluation data and findings are useful; make the evaluation process friendly;build your organization’s internal evaluation capacity; and provide straightforward and accurate evaluation reports.

 iEval is your partner in every step of the process:

  • With the evaluator helping during program development and grant writing, the client can ensure that the evaluation is integrated into the program and realistic to implement.
  • With the evaluator as a member of your program team, the client better understands the components of evaluation and the evaluation process becomes integral to program implementation.
  • With the evaluator brought in for the development of an evaluation plan after a project is funded, the client can produce a sound evaluation strategy incorporating pre-existing goals and objectives.
  • With the evaluator involving all partners in the data collection process, the client ensures the data collection process is streamlined to be as efficient as possible.  As data are collected, iEval works with the client to interpret the data, suggest program improvements, and make recommendations.
  • With the evaluator presenting evaluation findings in user-friendly formats (e.g., Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint) and reviewing them with the client, the client guarantees common interpretations of the findings.